WordPress Posts Are How You Blog

WordPress Posts are for Bloggers

WordPress Posts are what blogging is about, your WordPress Posts can be quite varied by adding photos and even videos to enhance the quality and information of the blog’s posts. The big feature of WordPress Posts are the many varied options they allow you when posting about your chosen subject. Your WordPress Posts can have different colored fonts and different colored headings and sub-headings, you can also add Bold and Italic to your WordPress Posts. Well your WordPress blog/website is going to need some content and these videos will show you how to go about making a post and just how easy it is to get your info out there for the world to see! Tags, Categories and Photos also go a long way to getting your content seen on the web. It is these elements that the search engines like Google use to find you and your content.

WordPress Posts Are Fun To Do

Search Engine Optimization is popular term on the web, but for now we just want you to get started on your first WordPress Post. You will notice there are different ways to add media (photos) have some fun and try each method, it will only help your knowledge base. This WordPress Video will show you more about your WordPress Posts and the options available when you start up your blogsite. There are many font options which include colors, sizes, bolding and italic plus even underlining and strike throughs. You may also wish to centre and justify your WordPress posts which will add another visual aspect to the quality of the blog post. There also plugins for WordPress Posts which allow you to add even more fonts and features. Let’s have a look at another of our  WordPress Videos to get started on WordPress Posts

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