Getting Started With WordPress Plugin Options

Using Our WordPress Plugin Options

Learn about and how to use out WordPress Plugins. In this WordPress Video and post I have tried to find a useful video that helps you gain an understanding of what plugins do and how they are managed, there is also other information in regards to backing up your WordPress Blog Site. Don’t be too stressed if you are a little lost at first because there will come a day when you think about this video and have a smile to yourself while remembering how you got started with WordPress, remember there are many online forums where you can ask further questions. Also as time goes by there should be people starting to ask and answer questions in regards to each post. So have a look, then have another look. Then try to do a few things you have learned ….. you may just surprise yourself! As with nearly all WordPress procedures, you soon become proficient after just a few tries. There are over 3,000 different WordPress Plugin options and well over a 100,000,000 downloads of the WordPress Plugin. Using a WordPress Plugin can add more features and user options to your blog! WordPress Plugins are offered via your own site’s admin dashboard and also at WordPress.Org┬áHere you can find lists of the most popular and user ratings and other information such as functions and requirements. There are many many WordPress Plugin options and once you start to explore what is available you will need to not go overboard! Why? because each plugin adds to the running of your site, which means it is using up resources and the time for these resources to begin working may dramatically slow down the running time of your site? Do you like to go to slow loading sites? This is worth remembering when using a WordPress Plugin.


By Robert Wimer

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