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Google Search Console Submission

Check out the WordPress Video Lesson on how to get that Google Verification Meta Tag into the Head code of your WordPress Blog. Although there are other search engines such as Bing and few others (Is Yahoo still a search engine) it is Google that is the “Internet Search Engine” goliath that you really want to notice you! So keeping this in mind and alongside good Seo (Search Engine Optimization) page building you really should be submitting your site/blog to Google Search Console which was once known as ‘Webmaster Tools” The reason is that although your content may be of good quality and posted on a regular basis if are able to get your reach further into the Google Search Engine Algorithm you should make the effort. After all the main purpose of running any kind of website or blogsite is to gain attention and be seen so you can share your information and other important items on your agenda. The other benefit to having your site in Google Search Console is that you can refer to data concerning your site.

There Are Benefits

Even Google have a separate analytics tool you can still get handy info via the Search Console, such as how many visitors and more to the point the keywords and terms they are searching for. Also you are able to observe how many have clicked on these keywords and then try to include these terms in future posts to improve your popularity with people searching for those terms. I am of the belief that to have your site verified by Google will possibly help you in the search results. This does make sense when you think about it, after they know who you are and that you have verified who you are. There is no real downside to Google knowing you are running a quality blog site, although I guess you if you are to do black hat Seo (sneaky search engine tactics such as buying links and purposely over using keywords which will eventually be identified as spam) you may not wish to submit your site to Google Search Console. However If you are like the very many honest bloggers looking for a better ranking for your site please do consider watching the WordPress Video lesson

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