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Seo Plugin

An Seo Plugin plays a big part of getting your Blog site found, when you start blogging you generally share your thoughts and views on the subjects that interest you and because of this there are certain “Keywords” that will associate well with the topic of the post. It’s these words that the search will pick up on. These words add to the value of your post in the search engines view. The term SEO plays a part in all this, SEO is an acronym for the term Search Engine Optimisation which the industry term for making your blog more noticeable to search. So at this point we know the words we use are important, they should relate to what you are blogging about, but be careful not to overuse the words or may be considered to be “Word Stuffing” and you can actually be penalised for “Spamming” (Another word for junk) In this post I have already used the therm “Search Engine” a number of times and I may get no love from Google or Bing because of that. But to convey the information there is not much choice, so i’ll take a chance and see how we go? Basically if you writing seems natural, it will be treated that way. Do not just throw words in for the sake of it, the engines have algorithms that rewards and punish the keywords being used. Some folk may suggest only using your keyword topic once or twice in a 500 word post. As you can see I have gone way past that! Seo Plugins will help you with your keyword density.

Seo Plugin Will Help Manage Your Site

You will notice I used a subheading at the top of this post that says Seo Plugin Well that also adds weight to my post because I have done it in  Heading 2 which will look different in html (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) and I will do a few other things to make the text look a little different to the search bots. I will make a few words “bold” and a few words “Italic” Many believe these few little changes help you to get some extra points in being noticed by Google and Bing. We also have another option and that is to add a WordPress plugin that is designed to help with Seo. In fact the plugin is called Seo Pack and works in conjunction with tags and our post heading. You will see that once installed below each post you do there is a new Seo Plugin section to add extra volume to your blog post, you can now add another title and a short description plus keywords. Then below that is another section where you can deny search from finding you if that what you wish, boxes where you can tick for Robots No Follow and Robots No Index. Perhaps you content is sensitive and only meant for regular followers or subscribers so you may use this option. But hey this post is about being seen! You will also notice a option where is says canonical Url which means you may wish to add an exact title to the post’s web address, a more specific keyword based address. Here is a link to see the difference ….. Canonical Url    Ok it’s time to look at the screencast and get some info on how to help make our blogsite get noticed by Google and Bing 

We are now using a Seo Plugin that is called Yoast and it has a rating system to help further improve your website’s visibility and noticeability to the search engines. You really need to use a Seo Plugin to improve your site’s ranking power! With Yoast they will tell you if there are too many focus keywords in the your post, which is very hand information!


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How To Make Your First WordPress Post

First WordPress Post

Making Your first WordPress Post, finally you are ready to start blogging ….Yippeeee! But there are a couple of pointers you can use to make your first WordPress Post all that much easier. I know that when I first started blogging I had absolutely no idea there was a post feature called the kitchen sink? It didn’t make sense that I could some things but not other stuff? I could see some things done in other people’s blog but yet somehow could not do them in my own blog and it was really bugging me to think I was not getting the best out of my time and efforts, plus there were presentation elements I was wishing to add and improve on? At the time there were not as many WordPress Tutorial style videos on the internet and from memory I did not have much bandwidth to play with, so it was a little daunting.

Although these days we seem to get more bandwidth for our miney and the information on how to use a WordPress Blog has increased ten fold so there truly is a goldmine of information out there! The purpose of this video is just to show you how to get started with your first post and how to make a few things happen that you may not have realised you could actually do. Things like the “read more” icon which allows you to shorten your post and add the option for “continue reading” for the visitor. It’s a simple thing but until you know it’s there, it can be a mystery and you may wonder just how to implement into your blog. When doing your first WordPress Post also adding colors and knowing how to make your text and font bold is another handy piece of information we can all use. The thing is these are all there, it’s just sometimes you don’t know until you get a nudge in the right direction. So I am hoping you consider this post to be a “nudge in the right direction” and that it gets you on your way to completing your very first WordPress  post with many more to follow!

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Learn How To Justify WordPress Posts

Justify WordPress Posts

You Should justify WordPress Posts. The presentation of our blog is the first thing noticed when a visitor first arrives and it may be what is the deciding factor if the site is returned to or not, an ugly site is not appealing and may lose visitors down the track, you can however improve the look of your work by making sure the posts are justified and even looking in their appearance. If you justify WordPress posts this approach makes for a much nice and more symmetrical look and feel to the website overall. It is not hard to do and yet adds so much more to your blogs look. This video tutorial will show you how you can be making your posts look better and enticing to returning visitors.

Justify WordPress Posts and Look Professional

As mentioned once you know how you will start to notice if people are doing it on other sites you visit and you will find yourself comparing the look and feel of these websites. Do they justify WordPress Posts? Do they look more professional? Are they easier the read, is the overall feel to the blog or website a better design? You can align your text to the left and to the right, even to the center! For me, other than in one example in this video I will always use the justify method to improve the look of my work and words. I think you will agree as well once you have made the easy changes to your posts. Also we will touch on the ‘More” option which allows you to hide some of your text by adding a “Continue Reading’ button. In long text based posts this can be a very handy option to save space and loading time on your WordPress Blog. The over all look and feel of your site is much cleaner when you justify your WordPress Posts


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Learn About Installing WordPress Themes

Installing WordPress Themes

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Knowing about Installing WordPress Themes is very important! In this WordPress Tutorial Video we look further into installing WordPress Themes, put a new theme into your blog site. Now once again sorry to say I am a bit croaky, it seems I have some irritating flu that scratches the back of my throat just when I decide to make video WordPress lesson. But we get through it and will learn something along the way. I also muddle up the file management in this video and you will see that even people that do this regularly can take a wrong turn. I did consider doing the vid again but it then occurred to me that it may not be such a bad thing to show that we all make mistakes. Not that these are really mistakes, it’s more a case of turning left instead of turning right. Basically I went about managing the them file the wrong way but in the end we still get the job done and all is good. I figure some folk may do the exact same thing so I have decided to leave it as is because it might just help someone. Installing WordPress Themes really is good fun once you have learned just how easy it is!

Installing WordPress Themes Is Easy

I do remember when I first started out with computers that I was told “Computers are tools and the rest is file management” This does really ring true when you think about all the things you do on a computer. WordPress is no different and all we are doing is managing our files in one way or another. So keeping that in mind we will install a new theme from the existing themes that come preloaded with every blog. We will also search for and install a new theme from the WordPress theme search option. Then we will find a theme from an external website and download the file/theme. We will compress the theme folder into a zip file and then install it onto our blog. The great thing about learning all this is that you can completely change the entire look of your blog with minimal effort, yet the results are very exciting and it really is great fun to find and install the theme that suits your blog the most. So let’s get to it and learn about installing WordPress Themes.

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Add a WordPress Page To Your Blog

How To Add a WordPress Page

How to add a WordPress Page to your blog? This WordPress Video Tutorial is about how to make a page on your blog, and yes again I will say that when you have done it once or twice you are basically an expert. That is the joy of this blogging platform, the addition of a page or pages can enhance your blog and demonstrate you are focused on particular areas that deserve their own special page and content area. It’s like having a mini blog inside a blog! You can dedicate the content to specific categories, I have written a few ebooks and use the pages as advertising for my ebook, so for me the addition of pages means I have a chance to showcase my writing endeavours and have what is basically a virtual business card on my site. Now I do think that a page should not go on for too long, so sometimes I prefer to do a Sub-Page and add extra content that way. I can offer extra information to my readers when I learn how to add a WordPress Page to my blog, so can you!

Add a WordPress Page and Expand Your Site

I also think it is another avenue for the search engines to index my site! To add a WordPress Page to your site is dead easy and this video will show you it only takes seconds to have a extra content section on your blog. You will also see that the Sub-Page is not hard to implement either, you basically just choose a parent and add via that method. The tutorial show you how the pages appear in the menu’s up top and in the sidebar. We will also see how to change the parent page to another and how to trash the page. So have a look at the video and then try to follow the steps and in no time at all you find that you are adding content to more sections of your blog. Enjoy the lesson and have a go after watching it! When you learn how to add a WordPress page you are adding extra feature to your WordPress Blog

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