learn How To Make WordPress Pages

How To Make WordPress Pages

WordPress pages are another way to run your blog, instead of posting, you can have a static front page and use the post option just for categories that people can click on for further information on subjects. You can make different categories for you WordPress Pages and even make sub WordPress pages for each category or subject. Let’s learn how to make WordPress Pages, Your WordPress site may also need pages alongside the posts, it not hard to do as you will soon see, here is a hint though. To get the pages menu option you need to go to Widgets and drag the ‘pages’ icon over the sidebar or footer. Your pages will now appear on the website’s homepage and people can click on them to go there! Another example of why WordPress is so simple! Your WordPress Pages can appear in the top menu bar and also in the sidebar, you may need to go to the widgets section to drag the WordPress Pages option into the sidebar, it is very easy to do!

Don’t Be Scared Of WordPress Pages

WordPress Pages offer the chance to offer more “Static Information” Perhaps if you are a business you may wish to use this pages as price references or a mission statement option. You can also make WordPress Pages your home page by going to the Reading Sub Heading in the ¬†Settings in th lower part of the ¬†Dashboard and once you are there you will see an option to make WordPress Pages “Static” which means your front page will always stay the same. It’s handy for places that offer a menu. Restaurants are good example of an entity that would wish to use WordPress Pages in preference to regular posts on the front page, watch this WordPress Video and then explore your options. More on WordPress Pages Here

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