Installing WordPress Themes

Learn About Installing WordPress Themes

This WordPress Video explores WordPress Themes and the ways we will install them into our blogsites. WordPress Themes are one of the most important parts of your WordPress site. It is what visitors will first see when they arrive at your blog and they will soon either love or hate your site? Good news is that it is not too hard to change WordPress Themes and every WordPress Blog has built in options to change your theme, there are also after market themes designed to carry out certain task, shops, social media and even responsive themes which work on phones and ipads as well as your pc or laptop! We will look at paid themes in another post, but for now we just want you to understand your options when it comes to themes.

WordPress Themes Are Easy To Change

This site allows you to download a theme and then install it from your computer Free Generic WordPress Themes  In fact the theme of this website came from that free theme site! You may need or require certain elements to your WordPress Themes, such as a need for commercial and ecommerce options? Perhaps your WordPress Themes need to be aimed at Photography or Video content? When choosing WordPress Themes consider what your needs are? Also consider what functionality your require? Some of the flashiest WordPress Themes may be slow and cumbersome due to the fact they carry too many features? This WordPress Video Lesson explores how we install our WordPress Themes and where to find them? Find out more on WordPress Themes

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With some WordPress Themes you may need to compress them into a zip file before you can upload them, just right click and hit compress Quite often when you download a theme it comes as a folder, you need to compress it to a zipfile and then it will upload to your WordPress Site. You will find your downloaded themes in your computers ‘Download Section” 

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