Learn Video Embedding Into Your WordPress Blog

WordPress and Video Embedding

This is a video lesson about how to first upload a video to youtube and then on Video Embedding into your own blogsite, it’s not as hard as you may think but as I always say “Do it once and your an expert” It really is that easy! You don’t have upload a video to place it into your own blog. The main thing is that the person who put the video on YouTube allows for embedding, which means that they have allowed for other folk to also use their clips in other websites! Basically you click on the share option under a YouTube Video and then further down there is a link for embedding which nine times out ten will show you a short line of code that you place the curser on and then click command and the A key at the same time, this will highlight the code and allow you copy and paste command and the C key at the same time will grab the code which you then paste into your post in the TEXT section, not the visual or it will not work. Just a line of code will show up instead of the desired video clip!

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How To Make Your First WordPress Post

First WordPress Post

Making Your first WordPress Post, finally you are ready to start blogging ….Yippeeee! But there are a couple of pointers you can use to make your first WordPress Post all that much easier. I know that when I first started blogging I had absolutely no idea there was a post feature called the kitchen sink? It didn’t make sense that I could some things but not other stuff? I could see some things done in other people’s blog but yet somehow could not do them in my own blog and it was really bugging me to think I was not getting the best out of my time and efforts, plus there were presentation elements I was wishing to add and improve on? At the time there were not as many WordPress Tutorial style videos on the internet and from memory I did not have much bandwidth to play with, so it was a little daunting.

Although these days we seem to get more bandwidth for our miney and the information on how to use a WordPress Blog has increased ten fold so there truly is a goldmine of information out there! The purpose of this video is just to show you how to get started with your first post and how to make a few things happen that you may not have realised you could actually do. Things like the “read more” icon which allows you to shorten your post and add the option for “continue reading” for the visitor. It’s a simple thing but until you know it’s there, it can be a mystery and you may wonder just how to implement into your blog. When doing your first WordPress Post also adding colors and knowing how to make your text and font bold is another handy piece of information we can all use. The thing is these are all there, it’s just sometimes you don’t know until you get a nudge in the right direction. So I am hoping you consider this post to be a “nudge in the right direction” and that it gets you on your way to completing your very first WordPress  post with many more to follow!

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Learn With WordPress Videos

Learn How To Justify WordPress Posts

Justify WordPress Posts

You Should justify WordPress Posts. The presentation of our blog is the first thing noticed when a visitor first arrives and it may be what is the deciding factor if the site is returned to or not, an ugly site is not appealing and may lose visitors down the track, you can however improve the look of your work by making sure the posts are justified and even looking in their appearance. If you justify WordPress posts this approach makes for a much nice and more symmetrical look and feel to the website overall. It is not hard to do and yet adds so much more to your blogs look. This video tutorial will show you how you can be making your posts look better and enticing to returning visitors.

Justify WordPress Posts and Look Professional

As mentioned once you know how you will start to notice if people are doing it on other sites you visit and you will find yourself comparing the look and feel of these websites. Do they justify WordPress Posts? Do they look more professional? Are they easier the read, is the overall feel to the blog or website a better design? You can align your text to the left and to the right, even to the center! For me, other than in one example in this video I will always use the justify method to improve the look of my work and words. I think you will agree as well once you have made the easy changes to your posts. Also we will touch on the ‘More” option which allows you to hide some of your text by adding a “Continue Reading’ button. In long text based posts this can be a very handy option to save space and loading time on your WordPress Blog. The over all look and feel of your site is much cleaner when you justify your WordPress Posts


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Learn With WordPress Videos

WordPress Sticky Post Stays Up Top

Make a WordPress Sticky Post Stay Up Top

Learn how to make a WordPress Sticky Post. In this WordPress Tutorial Video we will learn how to make a sticky post, which means we can make a post stay at the top of the page and be the first post read by visitors. It’s a handy thing to do if you wish to make a welcome post and explain to visitors what your WordPress Site is about. It is also handy to know how to make a Front page static, which means when visitors come the first thing they see each time is the same page. So you can either have your latest posts or a static Front page. If using the posts option you can make the welcome post a “Sticky Post” This will always be up the top of your WordPress and every post after that will become second and the welcome post will always be up top. A WordPress Sticky post is a very hand introduction and knowledge base for your blog’s readers!

A WordPress Sticky Post Stays First

The video will also show you how to drag a widget into the sidebar, of course you can drag widgets out of the sidebar as well. The great thing about the WordPress Blogging Platform is that it is very user friendly and easy to work with. You can customise many different elements of your blog to suit your needs. I mention in this video that perhaps a Restaurant may wish to display their menu on the Front page and I then show you how to do that, your posts will also be seen except via the post category links in the sidebar. The ability to easily manage your content is what appeals to so many users of WordPress and once you have a few goes there is no doubt you will agree that it is not only effective but also fun! Make A WordPress Sticky Post and add to your Blog’s overall appeal to new readers!

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Learn With WordPress Videos

WordPress Posts Are How You Blog

WordPress Posts are for Bloggers

WordPress Posts are what blogging is about, your WordPress Posts can be quite varied by adding photos and even videos to enhance the quality and information of the blog’s posts. The big feature of WordPress Posts are the many varied options they allow you when posting about your chosen subject. Your WordPress Posts can have different colored fonts and different colored headings and sub-headings, you can also add Bold and Italic to your WordPress Posts. Well your WordPress blog/website is going to need some content and these videos will show you how to go about making a post and just how easy it is to get your info out there for the world to see! Tags, Categories and Photos also go a long way to getting your content seen on the web. It is these elements that the search engines like Google use to find you and your content.

WordPress Posts Are Fun To Do

Search Engine Optimization is popular term on the web, but for now we just want you to get started on your first WordPress Post. You will notice there are different ways to add media (photos) have some fun and try each method, it will only help your knowledge base. This WordPress Video will show you more about your WordPress Posts and the options available when you start up your blogsite. There are many font options which include colors, sizes, bolding and italic plus even underlining and strike throughs. You may also wish to centre and justify your WordPress posts which will add another visual aspect to the quality of the blog post. There also plugins for WordPress Posts which allow you to add even more fonts and features. Let’s have a look at another of our  WordPress Videos to get started on WordPress Posts

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Learn With WordPress Videos