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Mobile WordPress Plugins is the way your website will not be punished by the upcoming changes to the way Google searches the web for sites and information. Google has announced that it will be giving preferences to the website that are now fully mobile and responsive to all types of media such as smartphones and Tablets. It is not no longer good enough to just have a Blog or Website that only works on a laptop or Personal Computer. Your website will need to be mobile friendly and it is not that hard to achieve with the help of WordPress Mobile Plugin help! Mobile WordPress is simple to install and all you have to do is add the Management Plugin called Jet Pack to your site and you will see there is an option to click Mobile Theme. Once clicked you can even confirm your site is now mobile responsive by Testing Mobile Friendly Link. This will confirm your new Jet Pack Mobile WordPress Plugin is working and that you are now up with the modern world of user friendly mobile websites.

Mobile Websites Are a Must These Days

The Jet Pack plugin is in fact associated with WordPress.Com which means you can have full trust in the plugin to be reliable and not harmful to your computer in anyway. In fact you do not even need to go searching for it! You simply select New Plugin via the dashboard and when you go to the plugin search page you will see that is right up the very top of the page and all you have to do is simply click install. After you activate the plugin you will see you are now prompted to go to Wordress.Com and link your website to the Jet Pac plugin, once you do this you receive a confirmation message and you then go to Jet Pack settings and then scroll down until you reach Mobile Themes. Which you then click on Activate in the right hand side and after you can do a quick test to confirm all is well and you are now Mobile Friendly!


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Learn With WordPress Videos

Learn About Installing WordPress Themes

Installing WordPress Themes

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Knowing about Installing WordPress Themes is very important! In this WordPress Tutorial Video we look further into installing WordPress Themes, put a new theme into your blog site. Now once again sorry to say I am a bit croaky, it seems I have some irritating flu that scratches the back of my throat just when I decide to make video WordPress lesson. But we get through it and will learn something along the way. I also muddle up the file management in this video and you will see that even people that do this regularly can take a wrong turn. I did consider doing the vid again but it then occurred to me that it may not be such a bad thing to show that we all make mistakes. Not that these are really mistakes, it’s more a case of turning left instead of turning right. Basically I went about managing the them file the wrong way but in the end we still get the job done and all is good. I figure some folk may do the exact same thing so I have decided to leave it as is because it might just help someone. Installing WordPress Themes really is good fun once you have learned just how easy it is!

Installing WordPress Themes Is Easy

I do remember when I first started out with computers that I was told “Computers are tools and the rest is file management” This does really ring true when you think about all the things you do on a computer. WordPress is no different and all we are doing is managing our files in one way or another. So keeping that in mind we will install a new theme from the existing themes that come preloaded with every blog. We will also search for and install a new theme from the WordPress theme search option. Then we will find a theme from an external website and download the file/theme. We will compress the theme folder into a zip file and then install it onto our blog. The great thing about learning all this is that you can completely change the entire look of your blog with minimal effort, yet the results are very exciting and it really is great fun to find and install the theme that suits your blog the most. So let’s get to it and learn about installing WordPress Themes.

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Learn With WordPress Videos

Installing WordPress Themes

Learn About Installing WordPress Themes

This WordPress Video explores WordPress Themes and the ways we will install them into our blogsites. WordPress Themes are one of the most important parts of your WordPress site. It is what visitors will first see when they arrive at your blog and they will soon either love or hate your site? Good news is that it is not too hard to change WordPress Themes and every WordPress Blog has built in options to change your theme, there are also after market themes designed to carry out certain task, shops, social media and even responsive themes which work on phones and ipads as well as your pc or laptop! We will look at paid themes in another post, but for now we just want you to understand your options when it comes to themes.

WordPress Themes Are Easy To Change

This site allows you to download a theme and then install it from your computer Free Generic WordPress Themes  In fact the theme of this website came from that free theme site! You may need or require certain elements to your WordPress Themes, such as a need for commercial and ecommerce options? Perhaps your WordPress Themes need to be aimed at Photography or Video content? When choosing WordPress Themes consider what your needs are? Also consider what functionality your require? Some of the flashiest WordPress Themes may be slow and cumbersome due to the fact they carry too many features? This WordPress Video Lesson explores how we install our WordPress Themes and where to find them? Find out more on WordPress Themes

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With some WordPress Themes you may need to compress them into a zip file before you can upload them, just right click and hit compress Quite often when you download a theme it comes as a folder, you need to compress it to a zipfile and then it will upload to your WordPress Site. You will find your downloaded themes in your computers ‘Download Section” 

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Learn With WordPress Videos