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WordPress Videos to help you learn. At last you have decided to see what all the fuss is about? Yep it’s WordPress Videos, which is a blogging platform that allows us mere mortals who have no coding experience to have our own professional looking website blog and even business based website that is able to sell goods and products. There are also a number of folk using WordPress for their virtual business needs. You could say it’s like a business card, except it’s on the internet and can be expanded upon. Want to share the latest news, no problems! Want to show the world your latest pics, no problems! Want to allow others to also contribute to your website, you guessed it! No problem, that’s what makes WordPress so unique. With these WordPress Videos you can basically customize it to your individual needs, all kinds of professional people use WordPress to enhance their online activities, and remember there is no coding knowledge required. You could say it is a website in a box, just waiting to be opened and used! WordPress is used by approximately one quarter of the current internet users, it is quite possible your favorite site is run on the WordPress blogging platform.

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Submit Your WordPress Blog To Google Search Console

Google Search Console Submission

Check out the WordPress Video Lesson on how to get that Google Verification Meta Tag into the Head code of your WordPress Blog. Although there are other search engines such as Bing and few others (Is Yahoo still a search engine) it is Google that is the “Internet Search Engine” goliath that you really want to notice you! So keeping this in mind and alongside good Seo (Search Engine Optimization) page building you really should be submitting your site/blog to Google Search Console which was once known as ‘Webmaster Tools” The reason is that although your content may be of good quality and posted on a regular basis if are able to get your reach further into the Google Search Engine Algorithm you should make the effort. After all the main purpose of running any kind of website or blogsite is to gain attention and be seen so you can share your information and other important items on your agenda. The other benefit to having your site in Google Search Console is that you can refer to data concerning your site.

There Are Benefits

Even Google have a separate analytics tool you can still get handy info via the Search Console, such as how many visitors and more to the point the keywords and terms they are searching for. Also you are able to observe how many have clicked on these keywords and then try to include these terms in future posts to improve your popularity with people searching for those terms. I am of the belief that to have your site verified by Google will possibly help you in the search results. This does make sense when you think about it, after they know who you are and that you have verified who you are. There is no real downside to Google knowing you are running a quality blog site, although I guess you if you are to do black hat Seo (sneaky search engine tactics such as buying links and purposely over using keywords which will eventually be identified as spam) you may not wish to submit your site to Google Search Console. However If you are like the very many honest bloggers looking for a better ranking for your site please do consider watching the WordPress Video lesson

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Restore The Missing WordPress Justification Button

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What Happened To The Justify Button?

You really have to wonder why the justify button has mysteriously disappeared? After all this is the one function that makes our articles look nice and even! This is the one tool that you can use to make your text fit the page in an even and pleasant to the eye manner. It really does make you wonder why this great function was taken away. But don’t worry, all is not lost because in the world of WordPress there will always be someone out there willing to work on such problems! So as soon as this feature disappeared there were good folk out there working on a solution. Of course that solution comes by way of a plugin, plugins are the little bits of program that add functionality to our WordPress site. They can do many varied tasks, including upgrades, security and appearance! Please read on to see the way to fix this issue.

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Mobile WordPress Plugin is Jet Pack

Using Mobile WordPress

Mobile WordPress Plugins is the way your website will not be punished by the upcoming changes to the way Google searches the web for sites and information. Google has announced that it will be giving preferences to the website that are now fully mobile and responsive to all types of media such as smartphones and Tablets. It is not no longer good enough to just have a Blog or Website that only works on a laptop or Personal Computer. Your website will need to be mobile friendly and it is not that hard to achieve with the help of WordPress Mobile Plugin help! Mobile WordPress is simple to install and all you have to do is add the Management Plugin called Jet Pack to your site and you will see there is an option to click Mobile Theme. Once clicked you can even confirm your site is now mobile responsive by Testing Mobile Friendly Link. This will confirm your new Jet Pack Mobile WordPress Plugin is working and that you are now up with the modern world of user friendly mobile websites.

Mobile Websites Are a Must These Days

The Jet Pack plugin is in fact associated with WordPress.Com which means you can have full trust in the plugin to be reliable and not harmful to your computer in anyway. In fact you do not even need to go searching for it! You simply select New Plugin via the dashboard and when you go to the plugin search page you will see that is right up the very top of the page and all you have to do is simply click install. After you activate the plugin you will see you are now prompted to go to Wordress.Com and link your website to the Jet Pac plugin, once you do this you receive a confirmation message and you then go to Jet Pack settings and then scroll down until you reach Mobile Themes. Which you then click on Activate in the right hand side and after you can do a quick test to confirm all is well and you are now Mobile Friendly!


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Learn With WordPress Videos

Learning The Different WordPress User Roles

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The Different WordPress User Roles

The needs of each WordPress User Roles may vary depending on your individual situation, it may be that you are running a blog about your family and that you are the only person that will be doing the posting? It may be that you are a member of a community group of parents and that you wish to allow other parents to contribute their thoughts and news or information? So how to do you allow them to add to the blog? It’s not too hard once you know the procedure and you can even set different capabilities for each different user role if you wish to expand on the standard WordPress User Role Settings. You can change the user role settings by adding a plugin that will give the different users a set of boundaries they are allowed to work within. In this WordPress Video I show the plugin that I have used to allow a contributor to add media files.

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Learn Video Embedding Into Your WordPress Blog

WordPress and Video Embedding

This is a video lesson about how to first upload a video to youtube and then on Video Embedding into your own blogsite, it’s not as hard as you may think but as I always say “Do it once and your an expert” It really is that easy! You don’t have upload a video to place it into your own blog. The main thing is that the person who put the video on YouTube allows for embedding, which means that they have allowed for other folk to also use their clips in other websites! Basically you click on the share option under a YouTube Video and then further down there is a link for embedding which nine times out ten will show you a short line of code that you place the curser on and then click command and the A key at the same time, this will highlight the code and allow you copy and paste command and the C key at the same time will grab the code which you then paste into your post in the TEXT section, not the visual or it will not work. Just a line of code will show up instead of the desired video clip!

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